Follow The Crowd and You’ll Never End Up On Top

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Following the crowd is a pretty easy thing to do. Everyone is doing it, why shouldn’t you? The problem with the crowd is that a lot of those people, aren’t exactly happy with what they are doing. Sure they may have a job and a family, but ask them what they live or work for. Many may answer, “I live to work.”

If they don’t give that answer, they may say, “I live for the weekend and dread Mondays.” Is being part of the crowd really working out well? I think not. I used to work for a big corporate company which makes more than $5 billion a year. Most would say that’s the dream. I drove my hour long commute at 5:30 in the morning, rode the elevator with the same people to the 14th floor, eight and a half hours later I rode it back down, then jumped in my car for an aggravating hour drive home. Some dream.

Corporate life is great for some people. If you are happy with that then that’s great for you. If your dreams entail climbing the corporate ladder and you have the drive and ambition to do so, I’m sure you can go far, just be careful not to get stuck talking with the group at the bottom about how nice the ladder looks and how great it would be to be on top.

Entrepreneurs have never been people to follow the pack. They lead the pack. Yes, they may be part of corporate America, but that’s because they are the leaders on top, who more than likely started the corporation and built the ladder.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody, but there are many attributes of entrepreneurs that can take you a very long way. One large attribute of an entrepreneurship that removes them from the crowd is leadership. Leadership is what led them to the top. They don’t want to follow the rest of the crowd. They see what others on top do, and those on top definitely aren’t doing the same thing the crowd is doing.

It’s hard not to be part of the crowd. At work they work together, eat together, and have fun together. Leaving the crowd may not be fun at times, but if you want to be out in front, you can’t follow.

What can you do to stand out from the crowd and lead? Here are a few things to get started.

  1. Reading is one of the best things you can do to get better at something. Books can help you help yourself.  Information on almost any topic is out there. If you want to know something, it’s most likely in a book.
  2. Nothing makes you feel better than when your body is in great shape. It helps you sleep better and feel better throughout the day.  Only 49.6% of Americans exercise regularly.
  3. Continued education. There are lots of ways to continue education. You can get extra certification depending on your field. You can get an MBA, which not only increases your knowledge, but can also result in a pay raise.


Overall, depending on your goals, following the crowd can really slow you down on career goals. Don’t get me wrong, the crowd is great with the fact that it helps build great companies. Without the crowd, corporations wouldn’t exist. But if you are following the crowd and your goals and dreams seem far out of reach, you may need to step outside the safe circle and start looking for ways to start leading.

Question: Are you just staying at a job to feel secure, or are you working at a place you enjoy going to every day? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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