Your New Quarter Resolution

Setting Goals to Make This The Best Year Ever

When you hear about quarterly goals what do you think of?  Typically quarterly goals and reports are meant for companies.  You might hear about quarterly sales goals from your boss, or quarterly earnings from a company you have stock invested in.  What about personal quarterly goals?

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Everyone’s New Years resolutions have come and went.  Now everyone just walks through the rest of the year, waiting until December to come up with a new goal for January.  Why not come up with a new quarter goal?  New Years Resolutions always sound great because its easy to say, “New Year. New Me.”  Well we just started new quarter, so why not, “New Quarter, New Me.”?

Most resolutions fail because people create them for the wrong reasons.  They feel guilted into making goals because everyone else has, or the previous year seemed so horrible and they want to make the new year better.  Did you make a new year’s resolution this year?  Are you still on task, or has your progress disappeared a long time ago?

There are 3 basic rules to proper goal setting.  They aren’t hard, but if you don’t know them, then it makes keeping a goal in line much harder.

1. Write your goal down

Have you ever written your goal down?  Most people don’t.  It seems silly to write it down.  What does writing it down do?  Writing your goals down gives you clarity.  It also gives you the opportunity to hang it somewhere you will see it every day.

2. Explain The Goal In Detail

When you write down your goal, you need to write it down in detail.  In your head you may think, “I want to lose weight.”  How much weight?  How long should it take you to lose the weight?  What are you going to do to lose the weight?

Unfortunately weight doesn’t just disappear by hoping, it takes work.  A better written goal would be, “I want to lose 10 pounds by April 1st.  I will achieve this by sticking to a diet of less than 2000 calories a day and working out at least 3 days a week.”

See how this goal spells everything out?  Trying to accomplish a goal without detail is like going on a road trip without a map.  Now that you have a detailed plan, you can map everything out and do weekly checks to make sure you are following though with what you wrote down.

3. Focus On The Goal Daily

Yes, daily.  You don’t necessarily have to workout every day, but make sure you are thinking about your goal, or doing some form of research on how to accomplish your goal.  I recommend at least 15 minutes a day.  Every day you don’t think about, or work on your goal, is one day closer to creating a bad habit of not accomplishing your goal.

We’ve all been there.  You are at the gym almost every day, the diet is going great, then the weekend comes and you just ignore everything.  Monday comes back and you feel bad that you ignored your routine, or you focus on how good it felt to take a rest day and want another day off.

Rest days are fine, but I urge you to still do something associated with your goal.  Read a quick article about tips on how to achieve your goal.  If fitness is your goal, just go for a 20 minute walk, you’ll feel better knowing that you did something that is working towards your goal.


Another tip I highly suggest is creating a goal you truly want to accomplish.  Many people create goals to quit smoking.  The problem is this goal is sometimes created because everyone else wants you to quit, not because you truly want to quit.  If you are passionate about quitting, all of the obstacles that come along will be a lot easier to conquer.  If you’re not passionate, the obstacles just become a list of reasons to give up.

Find something that you truly want to accomplish.  Use these 3 tips to help, and you will end this year as your best year ever.


Question: How are you doing on your new year’s resolution? What is going to be your new quarter’s resolution? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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