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Building a community of great people to help each other grow together

I believe that people need to have more amazing moments in their lives.  I have seen and experienced a lot in my short life and I feel as if people feel stuck or unhappy more than they should.  I want to re-create that moment at the end of the movie when the upbeat music is playing, the guy gets the girl, the bad guy has been caught, and the camera is panning away.

I follow a lot of successful people and feel that I have been pretty successful in my life, but I realize that sometimes when I talk about my experiences and my excitement, not everyone feels the same way.  I’m tired of seeing the angry posts, attacks, and depressing cries on social media.

Do any of these sound like you ?

  • You are not fulfilled with your current life or job
  • You feel lost and do not know what to do
  • Every day seems like a bad day

You are not alone

If you look around there are a lot of people that seem lost.  We all try really hard to do our best, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough.  We need a little guidance from people that are willing to help.

We need a network of people that will help support each other.  It isn’t always easy to learn how to prepare for life.  Schools teach from a book, not from life experience.  Ask most college students how compound interest works, what it takes to get a job, or about other life difficulties, and they would probably stare blankly at you.

 I want to create a community that will learn great things and help pass on the message to everyone around them.  Too many people live in fear or in the dark.  Many people feel that their problems are not fixable because everyone around them seems to have the same problem, or are too busy with their own problems to help.

What if we had the knowledge and confidence to help others around us and had a place where we built each other up, rather than tear each other down.

This network is that place.  I am going to use my experiences and knowledge, as well as everything else I will learn, and share as much as I can with this group.  I’ve been involved in a few small groups of people with great goals in mind.  Its amazing how well the group does being in a group of people that support people.  Growing that on a large scale gives more people more resources they can use to help themselves.

Some main areas of focus will be:

Personal Development 

Helping people realize where they are at in life and where they want to be.  Many people feel lost in the world and just need a little guidance in order to get them going to that place of fulfillment.  I will provide as many tips and guides as possible to help everyone with as many different common issues as possible.  If there are issues you would like me to cover, please feel free to email me.

Career Development

Most college students hope that the magic prize at the end of graduation is a guaranteed job.  For most its a piece of paper and a large about of debt.  Getting a job in your career at a company that you live isn’t easy, but with help, it should be a lot easier to obtain.

Personal Finance

In my findings, there is a very large amount of people who would like more help with this.  Though I may not be a financial expert, I have absorbed a large amount of information.  I have also made many mistakes and learned from them.  Personal finance isn’t taught in schools and typically if our parents weren’t proficient in personal finance, we won’t be either.   In our current world the more you have, the better you look and feel, even if that means drowning in debt while you do it.  If you can be financially fit, you can easily enjoy a lot more amazing moments.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Many people believe the key to life is go to school, get a job for 40 years and then retire.  People never mention what it takes to retire or what those 40 years may entail.  We will talk about stepping out of the 9 – 5 and creating your own income while making retirement an easier goal and maybe even be able to retire sooner.

If you are already a business owner or are thinking about joining the millions of people that are business owners this will be a great network for you.  There are plenty of successful business owners out there that have great advice, and there are beginners that need help with what they do.  Our network can bring everyone together so we can help each other and grow.

I hope you will join me on my journey as I help people create their own amazing moments and open more doors for opportunity.